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The PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) is a new credential offered by the PMI for people working in Agile project management environments. The PMI-ACP carries a high level of professional standing and credibility as it requires the combination of Agile training, experience, and the PMI ACP Certification examination.  

                             If you use agile practices in your projects, or your organization is adopting agile approaches to project management, this 2 day session and the PMI-ACP certification may be right for you.  

Workshop Dates at Bangalore: 07th, 08th September 2013 

Location: The Shelton Grand, #73, M.G. Road, (Entrance Church Street), Bangalore

What You Can Expect: The PMI-ACP recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices and techniques across Agile methodologies. This 2 day session challenges new and seasoned Agile practitioners to explore what it takes to successfully apply Agile methods to their teams, projects and programs. In addition to providing the full spectrum of Agile principles, practices and techniques, this material is designed to cover all the areas needed to successfully pass the PMI-ACP Exam.  

                            The PMI-ACP course features an interactive format filled with actual agile experiences to truly provide you with direct access to what it takes to be highly effective with Agile. Our highly experienced Agile Project Management Coaches know what it takes to make Agile work in the real world, and what it takes to succeed on the PMI-ACP exam! To help you prepare for the PMI-ACP Exam and to provide overall structure for Agile as a body of knowledge, here are the specific objectives covered during this 2 day session: 

Your Course of Study: 

 Agile tools and techniques - 50% of total PMI-ACP Exam questions 

·         Communication 

·         Planning, monitoring and adapting

·         Agile estimation 

·         Agile analysis and design 

·         Product quality 

·         Soft skills negotiation 

·         Value-based prioritization 

·         Risk management 

·         Metrics 

·         Value stream analysis 

 Agile knowledge and skills - 50% of total PMI-ACPSM Exam questions 

 Level 1 (33% of total exam questions) 

·         Active listening 

·         Agile Manifesto value and principles 

·         Assessing and incorporating community and stakeholder values 

·         Brainstorming techniques 

·         Building empowered teams 

·         Coaching and mentoring within teams 

·         Communications management 

·         Feedback techniques for product (e.g. prototyping, simulation, demonstrations, evaluations) 

·         Incremental delivery 

·         Knowledge sharing 

·         Leadership tools and techniques 

·         Prioritization 

·         Problem-solving strategies, tools, and techniques 

·         Project and quality standards for Agile projects 

·         Stakeholder management 

·         Team motivation 

·         Time, budget, and cost estimation 

·         Value-based decomposition and prioritization

Level 2 (12% of total exam questions) 

·         Agile frameworks and terminology 

·         Building high-performance teams 

·         Business case development 

·         Colocation (geographic proximity/distributed teams) 

·         Continuous improvement processes 

·         Elements of a project charter for an Agile project 

·         Facilitation methods 

·        Participatory decision models (e.g., input-based. Shared collaboration, command) 

·         PMI™s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


Contact Person: Mrs. Archana
Contact No: 08686679444
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September 07, 2013 — 9:00 am to
September 08, 2013 — 6:00 pm

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The Shelton Grand, #73
M.G. Road, (Entrance Church Street)
Bangalore, Karnataka